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9 Results

Company Name Symbol Dev Stage Main Resource Geography MktCap(M) Currency
5E ADVANCED MATERIALS INC FEAM Production Boron United States 137.1 USD
ALBA MINERAL RESOURCES PLC ALBA Investment company Titanium Scandinavia 6.6 GBP
ALPHA HPA LTD A4N Production Alumina Australasia 733.0 AUD
ALTECH BATTERIES LTD ATC Development Alumina Australasia 122.3 AUD
AMAG AUSTRIA METALL AG AMAG Production Aluminium Europe 980.3 EUR
BCI MINERALS LTD BCI Development Salt Australasia 651.9 AUD
GEODRILL LTD GEO Development Drilling Africa 85.9 CAD
PERENTI LTD PRN Production Drilling Australasia 912.1 AUD
STRATEGIC MINERALS PLC SML Development Magnetite United States 5.0 GBP