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21 Results

Company Name Symbol Dev Stage Main Resource Geography MktCap(M) Currency
ACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC AEG Development BioMass Fuels United Kingdom 1.1 GBP
ADVANCE ZINCTEK LTD ANO Production Alumina Australasia 46.2 AUD
AFC ENERGY PLC AFC Development Renewable power United Kingdom 131.6 GBP
ALEXIUM INTERNATIONAL GROUP AJX Development Special situation United States 8.6 AUD
AQUA METALS INC AQMS Development Special situation United States 53.2 USD
AURORA SOLAR TECHNOLOGIES IN ACU Development Renewable power Canada 12.2 CAD
DYNACERT INC DYA Development Special situation Canada 62.5 CAD
EGUANA TECHNOLOGIES INC EGT Appraisal Batteries Canada 9.0 CAD
FUELPOSITIVE CORP NHHH Development Special situation Canada 23.0 CAD
HPQ SILICON INC HPQ Development Graphene Canada 73.6 CAD
JAVELIN MINERALS LTD JAV Exploration Gold Australasia 4.4 AUD
NOVONIX LTD NVX Development Batteries Canada 488.9 AUD
RECYCLICO BATTERY MATERIALS AMY Development Manganese Canada 46.0 CAD
SOLAR ALLIANCE ENERGY INC SOLR Production Special situation Canada 16.5 CAD
SOLARVEST BIOENERGY INC SVS Production Special situation Canada 1.5 CAD
SYRAH RESOURCES LTD SYR Production Graphite Australasia 475.1 AUD
TALGA GROUP LTD TLG Development Batteries Australasia 332.3 AUD
TARGETED MICROWAVE SOLUTIONS TMS.H Development Special situation Canada 0.6 CAD
VERSARIEN PLC VRS Development Graphene United Kingdom 1.2 GBP
WOLVERINE ENERGY & INFRASTRU WEII.H Production Renewable power Canada 4.4 CAD