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862 Results

Company Name Symbol Dev Stage Main Resource Geography MktCap(M) Currency
55 NORTH MINING INC FFF Development Gold Canada 1.6 CAD
ABACUS MINING & EXPLORATION ABI Exploration Gold Canada 86.5 AUD
ABCOURT MINES INC -CL B ABM Exploration Graphite Canada 2.4 CAD
ABEN MINERALS LTD ABRA Exploration Silver South America 24.7 CAD
ABRASILVER RESOURCE CORP ACB Exploration Uranium Africa 1.5 CAD
A-CAP ENERGY LTD AME Exploration Copper United States 178.9 CAD
ACTIVEX LIMITED AIV Exploration Gold Australasia 2.6 AUD
ADAMERA MINERALS CORP ADZ Exploration Gold Canada 3.6 CAD
ADEX MINING INC ADE Exploration Polymetallic Canada 3.4 CAD
ADMIRALTY RESOURCES NL ADY Exploration Polymetallic South America 7.8 AUD
ADRIATIC METALS PLC ADT1 Development Polymetallic Europe 564.4 GBP
ADVANCE LITHIUM CORP AALI Exploration Lithium South America 2.1 CAD
ADVENTUS MINING CORP ADZN Development Copper South America 114.7 CAD
AEON METALS LTD AML Exploration Cobalt Australasia 7.7 AUD
AERIS RESOURCES LTD AIS Exploration Copper Australasia 106.4 AUD
AFARAK GROUP SE AFRK Production Alloys Scandinavia 55.4 GBP
AFFINITY METALS CORP AFF Exploration Polymetallic Canada 1.1 CAD
AFRICAN ENERGY METALS INC CUCO Exploration Cobalt Africa 0.8 CAD
AFRICAN RAINBOW MINERALS LTD ARI Development Platinum Africa 41,359.1 ZAR
AFTERMATH SILVER LTD AAG Exploration Silver South America 49.8 CAD
AGNICO EAGLE MINES LTD AEM Production Gold Canada 37,192.3 CAD
AGRIMIN LTD AMN Development Potash Australasia 46.5 AUD
AGUIA RESOURCES LTD AGR Development Potash South America 11.0 AUD
AKWAABA MINING LTD AML Exploration Gold Africa 2.5 CAD
ALAMOS GOLD INC-CLASS A AGI Production Gold Canada 5,414.4 USD
ALARA RESOURCES LTD AUQ Development Copper Middle East 33.8 AUD
ALCHEMY RESOURCES LTD ALY Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 9.4 AUD
ALDEBARAN RESOURCES INC ALDE Exploration Copper South America 115.5 CAD
ALDERAN RESOURCES LTD AL8 Exploration Gold United States 5.5 AUD
ALDORO RESOURCES LTD ARN Exploration Gold Australasia 10.6 AUD
ALICANTO MINERALS LTD AQI Exploration Copper Scandinavia 20.3 AUD
ALKANE RESOURCES LTD ALK Development Gold Australasia 365.1 AUD
ALLEGIANCE COAL LTD AHQ Development Coal Australasia 13.1 AUD
ALLEGIANT GOLD LTD AUAU Exploration Gold United States 12.5 CAD
ALLIANCE MINING CORP ALM Exploration Polymetallic Canada 0.6 CAD
ALLIED GOLD CORP AAUC Production Gold Africa 820.2 CAD
ALMADEN MINERALS LTD - B AAU Development Gold South America 18.8 USD
ALMADEX MINERALS LTD/NEW DEX Exploration Gold South America 13.7 CAD
ALMONTY INDUSTRIES INC AII Development Tungsten Europe 150.6 CAD
ALORO MINING CORP AORO Exploration Gold South America 0.6 CAD
ALPHA LITHIUM CORP A ALLI Exploration Lithium South America 276.6 CAD
ALPHAMIN RESOURCES CORP AFM Development Tin Africa 1,161.3 CAD
ALTA COPPER CORP ATCU Exploration Copper South America 33.7 CAD
ALTAIR RESOURCES INC AVX Exploration Gold Africa 0.3 CAD
ALTAMIN LTD AZI Exploration Zinc Europe 23.7 AUD
ALTAMIRA GOLD CORP ALTA Exploration Gold South America 35.0 CAD
ALTIPLANO METALS INC APN Exploration Copper South America 13.0 CAD
ALTIUS MINERALS CORPORATION ALS Investment company Royalties & Streaming Canada 968.4 CAD
ALTO METALS LTD AME Exploration Gold Australasia 22.4 AUD
ALTONA RARE EARTHS PLC REE Exploration Rare Earths Africa 1.5 GBP
ALTURAS MINERALS CORP ALT Exploration Copper South America 1.5 CAD
ALTYNGOLD PLC ALTN exploration Gold Asia 24.7 GBP
ALUMINA LTD AWC Production Bauxite/Alumina Australasia 3,685.1 AUD
ALX RESOURCES CORP AL Exploration Uranium Canada 6.8 CAD
AM RESOURCES CORP AMR Exploration Polymetallic South America 3.1 CAD
AMANI GOLD LTD ANL Exploration Gold Africa 25.1 AUD
AMARC RESOURCES LTD AHR Exploration Gold Canada 21.2 CAD
AMAROQ MINERALS LTD AMRQ Exploration Gold Scandinavia 369.4 GBP
AMERICAN LITHIUM CORP LI Exploration Lithium South America 224.5 CAD
AMERICAN RARE EARTHS LTD ARR Exploration Rare Earths United States 135.7 AUD
AMERICAN WEST METALS LTD AW1 Exploration Copper Canada 67.0 AUD
AMERICAS GOLD AND SILVER COR USA Development Silver United States 67.3 CAD
AMERIGO RESOURCES LTD ARG Production Copper South America 211.1 CAD
AMEX EXPLORATION INC AMX Development Gold Canada 153.4 CAD
AMG CRITICAL MATERIALS N.V. AMG Production Alloys Europe 696.0 EUR
AMUR MINERALS CORP AMC Exploration Copper Russia 1.3 GBP
ANDRADA MINING LTD ATM Exploration Lithium Africa 74.3 GBP
ANDROMEDA METALS LTD ADN Development Copper Australasia 87.1 AUD
ANEKA TAMBANG TBK AKTA Production Nickel Australasia 37,608,200.0 IDR
ANFIELD ENERGY INC AEC Development Uranium United States 78.5 CAD
ANGLESEY MINING PLC AYM Development Zinc United Kingdom 5.7 GBP
ANGLO AMERICAN PLC AAL Production Polymetallic Africa 24,801.9 GBP
ANGLO ASIAN MINING PLC AAZ Production Gold Middle East 63.6 GBP
ANGLOGOLD ASHANTI PLC ANG Production Gold Africa 9,313.0 USD
ANSON RESOURCES LTD ASN Exploration Lithium United States 141.5 AUD
ANTIOQUIA GOLD INC AGD Exploration Gold South America 5.4 CAD
ANTIPA MINERALS LTD AZY Exploration Gold Australasia 53.8 AUD
ANTLER GOLD INC ANTL Exploration Gold Africa 4.5 CAD
ANTOFAGASTA PLC ANTO Production Copper South America 17,952.3 GBP
APEX RESOURCES INC APX Exploration Gold Canada 2.5 CAD
APOLLO MINERALS LTD AON Exploration Gold Africa 16.7 AUD
ARAFURA RARE EARTHS LTD ARU Development Rare Earths Australasia 335.0 AUD
ARBOR METALS CORP ABR Exploration Gold Africa 48.4 CAD
ARCHER EXPLORATION CORP RCHR Exploration Nickel Canada 3.4 CAD
ARCUS DEVELOPMENT GROUP INC ADG.H Exploration Polymetallic Canada 1.1 CAD
ARDEA RESOURCES LTD ARL Development Nickel Australasia 118.2 AUD
ARDIDEN LTD ADV Exploration Gold Canada 9.4 AUD
ARGENT MINERALS LTD ARD Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 12.9 AUD
ARGENTINA LITHIUM & ENERGY C LIT Exploration Lithium South America 38.9 CAD
ARGENTUM SILVER CORP ASL Exploration Silver South America 1.8 CAD
ARGONAUT GOLD INC AR Production Gold South America 294.6 CAD
ARGOSY MINERALS LTD AGY Production Lithium South America 224.7 AUD
ARIANA RESOURCES PLC AAU Exploration Silver Europe 24.6 GBP
ARIS MINING CORP ALLXF Development Gold South America 602.6 CAD
ARIZONA GOLD & SILVER INC AMC Production Copper United States 24.7 CAD
ARIZONA METALS CORP AZS Exploration Silver United States 212.5 CAD
ARK MINES LTD AHK Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 7.5 AUD
ARROW MINERALS LTD AMD Exploration Iron Ore Africa 53.1 AUD
ARTEMIS GOLD INC ARTG Production Gold Canada 1,574.7 CAD
ARTEMIS RESOURCES LTD ARV Development Gold Australasia 32.1 AUD
ARUMA RESOURCES LTD AAJ Exploration Gold Australasia 3.3 AUD
ASANTE GOLD CORP ASE Production Gold Africa 538.3 CAD
ASCENDANT RESOURCES INC ASND Development Polymetallic Europe 11.7 CAD
ASCOT RESOURCES LTD. AZQ Exploration Gold United States 391.0 CAD
ASIABASEMETALS INC ABZ Exploration Cobalt Canada 5.4 CAD
ASIAMET RESOURCES LTD ARS Exploration Copper Asia 15.6 GBP
ASPIRE MINING LTD AKM Development Coal Australasia 91.4 AUD
ASTON BAY HOLDINGS LTD BAY Development Copper Canada 33.3 CAD
ASTON MINERALS LTD ASO Development Nickel Scandinavia 19.4 AUD
ASTRAL RESOURCES NL AAR Exploration Gold Australasia 46.0 AUD
ASTRON CORP LTD-CDI ATR Development Mineral sands Australasia 96.4 AUD
ASTUTE METALS NL ASE Exploration Lithium United States 10.7 AUD
ATALAYA MINING PLC ATYM Development Copper Europe 473.5 GBP
ATERIAN PLC ATN Exploration Rare Earths Africa 7.3 GBP
ATEX RESOURCES INC ATX Exploration Copper South America 242.6 CAD
ATHABASCA MINERALS INC AMI Production Mineral sands Canada 10.6 CAD
ATICO MINING CORP ATY Development Copper South America 18.8 CAD
ATLANTIC LITHIUM LTD A11 Exploration Lithium Africa 126.8 AUD
ATON RESOURCES INC AAN Exploration Gold Africa 24.4 CAD
AUDALIA RESOURCES LTD ACP Exploration Vanadium Australasia 13.8 AUD
AUGUSTA GOLD CORP G Development Gold United States 80.8 CAD
AUKING MINING LTD AKN Exploration Copper Africa 4.5 AUD
AUPLATA MINING GR ALAMG Development Gold South America 5.1 EUR
AURA ENERGY LTD AEE Exploration Uranium Africa 133.3 AUD
AURA MINERALS INC ORA Development Gold South America 665.5 CAD
AURANIA RESOURCES LTD ARU Development Gold South America 16.2 CAD
AURCANA SILVER CORP AUN Development Silver United States 4.6 CAD
AURELIA METALS LTD AMI Development Gold Australasia 236.6 AUD
AURION RESOURCES LTD AU Exploration Gold Scandinavia 79.5 CAD
AURIS MINERALS LTD AUR Exploration Copper Australasia 3.8 AUD
AURORA ENERGY METALS LTD 1AE Exploration Uranium United States 18.3 AUD
AURUBIS AG NDA Development Copper Europe 2,760.3 EUR
AUSGOLD LTD AUC Development Gold Australasia 68.9 AUD
AUSMON RESOURCES LTD AOA Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 3.2 AUD
AUSQUEST LTD AQD Exploration Copper Australasia 9.1 AUD
AUSTRAL GOLD LTD AGD Production Gold South America 15.9 AUD
AUSTRALIA UNITED MINING LTD AYM Exploration Gold Australasia 5.5 AUD
AUSTRALIAN MINES LTD AUZ Development Nickel Australasia 19.6 AUD
AUSTRALIAN PACIFIC COAL LTD AQC Development Coal Australasia 34.9 AUD
AUSTRALIAN POTASH LTD APC Exploration Potash Australasia 4.2 AUD
AUSTRALIAN SILICA QUARTZ GRP ASQ Exploration Special situation Australasia 11.6 AUD
AUSTRALIAN STRATEGIC MATERIA ASM Development Rare Earths Australasia 171.8 AUD
AUSTRALIAN VANADIUM LTD AVL Development Vanadium Africa 146.3 AUD
AVALON ADVANCED MATERIALS IN AVL Development Rare Earths Canada 48.0 CAD
AVANTI HELIUM CORP AVN Exploration Helium Canada 34.4 CAD
AVENIRA LTD AEV Development Potash Australasia 19.7 AUD
AVIDIAN GOLD CORP AVG Exploration Gold United States 2.8 CAD
AVINO SILVER & GOLD MINES ASM Development Gold South America 70.2 CAD
AVIRA RESOURCES LTD AVW Exploration Nickel Scandinavia 2.1 AUD
AVRUPA MINERALS LTD AVU Exploration Copper Europe 1.3 CAD
AVZ MINERALS LTD AVZ Development Tin Africa 2,677.5 AUD
AWALE RESOURCES LTD ARIC Exploration Gold Africa 11.3 CAD
AXMIN INC AXM Exploration Gold Africa 2.2 CAD
AYA GOLD & SILVER INC AYA Production Silver Africa 1,373.9 CAD
AZARGA METALS CORP AZR Exploration Copper Canada 0.8 CAD
AZIMUT EXPLORATION INC. AZM Development Gold Canada 63.5 CAD
AZINCOURT ENERGY CORP AAZ Exploration Uranium Canada 8.5 CAD
AZTEC MINERALS CORP AZT Exploration Gold South America 20.2 CAD
AZUCAR MINERALS LTD AMZ Exploration Copper South America 3.3 CAD
AZURE MINERALS LTD AZS Development Gold Australasia 1,660.4 AUD
B2GOLD CORP BTO Production Gold Africa 4,520.9 CAD
BANNERMAN ENERGY LTD BMN Development Uranium Africa 469.2 AUD
BANYAN GOLD CORP BYN Exploration Gold Canada 100.2 CAD
BARKSDALE RESOURCES CORP BRO Exploration Gold United States 22.0 CAD
BAROYECA GOLD & SILVER INC BGS Exploration Gold South America 1.7 CAD
BARRICK GOLD CORP ABX Production Gold Canada 37,060.1 CAD
BARSELE MINERALS CORP BME Exploration Gold Scandinavia 21.1 CAD
BASE RESOURCES LTD BSE Development Mineral sands Africa 117.8 AUD
BATHURST RESOURCES LTD BRL Production Coal Australasia 162.7 AUD
BAYHORSE SILVER INC BHS Exploration Silver Australasia 18.0 CAD
BCM RESOURCES CORP B Exploration Polymetallic United States 13.3 CAD
BEACON MINERALS LTD BCN Development Gold Australasia 90.2 AUD
BEAR CREEK MINING CORPORATION BCM Development Silver South America 49.0 CAD
BEAUCE GOLD FIELDS INC BGF Exploration Gold Canada 2.5 CAD
BELL COPPER CORP BCU Exploration Copper United States 10.7 CAD
BELLEVUE GOLD LTD BGL Development Gold Australasia 1,889.6 AUD
BELMONT RESOURCES INC BEA Exploration Copper United States 3.1 CAD
BELO SUN MINING CORP BSX Exploration Gold South America 25.0 CAD
BEMETALS CORP BMET Exploration Gold Asia 14.2 CAD
BENTON RESOURCES INC BEX Exploration Gold Canada 32.0 CAD
BENZ MINING CORP BZ Exploration Gold Canada 24.5 CAD
BEOWULF MINING PLC BEM Exploration Iron Ore Scandinavia 9.3 GBP
BERKELEY ENERGIA LTD BKY Exploration Uranium Europe 138.2 AUD
BEZANT RESOURCES PLC BZT Exploration Copper Asia 2.8 GBP
BHP GROUP LTD BHP Production Coal Australasia 215,523.0 GBP
BISALLOY STEEL GROUP LTD BIS Production Iron Ore Australasia 131.1 AUD
BITTERROOT RESOURCES LTD BTT Exploration Nickel United States 2.3 CAD
BLACK CAT SYNDICATE LTD BC8 Exploration Gold Australasia 72.3 AUD
BLACK IRON INC BKI Exploration Iron Ore Europe 15.2 CAD
BLACK MAMMOTH METALS CORP BMM Exploration Gold United States 6.0 CAD
BLACK ROCK MINING LTD BKT Exploration Graphite Africa 68.0 AUD
BLACKROCK SILVER CORP BRC Exploration Silver United States 59.0 CAD
BLACKSTONE MINERALS LTD BSX Development Gold Canada 34.1 AUD
BLENCOWE RESOURCES PLC BRES Exploration Graphite Africa 9.8 GBP
BLUE MOON METALS INC MOON Exploration Zinc United States 1.7 CAD
BLUE RIVER RESOURCES LTD BXR Exploration Lithium Canada 1.3 CAD
BLUE SKY URANIUM CORP BSK Exploration Uranium South America 15.6 CAD
BLUE STAR GOLD CORP BAU Exploration Gold Canada 19.3 CAD
BLUE STAR HELIUM LTD BNL Exploration Helium United States 13.6 AUD
BLUEBIRD MERCHANT VENTURES L BMV Investment company Gold Asia 4.1 GBP
BLUESTONE RESOURCES INC BSR Exploration Gold South America 63.8 CAD
BMG RESOURCES LTD BMG Exploration Gold Australasia 8.2 AUD
BOADICEA RESOURCES LTD BOA Exploration Nickel Australasia 3.2 AUD
BOLD VENTURES INC BOL Exploration Gold Canada 1.7 CAD
BONTERRA RESOURCES INC BTR Exploration Gold United States 30.6 CAD
BOSS ENERGY LTD BOE Exploration Uranium Australasia 1,932.9 AUD
BOUGAINVILLE COPPER LIMITED BOC Investment company Polymetallic Australasia 276.7 AUD
BOWEN COKING COAL LTD BCB Production Coal Australasia 176.3 AUD
BRADDA HEAD LITHIUM LTD BHL Exploration Lithium United States 5.9 GBP
BRAVADA GOLD CORP BVA Exploration Gold United States 5.9 CAD
BRAVO MINING CORP BRVO Development PGM South America 168.3 CAD
BREAKER RESOURCES NL BRB Production Gold Australasia 158.1 AUD
BRIXTON METALS CORP BBB Exploration Gold Canada 57.9 CAD
BROCKMAN MINING LTD BCK Development Iron Ore Australasia 1,002.3 AUD
BRYAH RESOURCES LTD BYH Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 3.5 AUD
BTU METALS CORP BTU Exploration Gold United States 3.6 CAD
BULLETIN RESOURCES LTD BNR Exploration Gold Australasia 20.3 AUD
BUMI RESOURCES TBK PT PJM Production Gold Asia 1,664.0 EUR
BUSHVELD MINERALS LTD BMN Production Vanadium Africa 35.3 GBP
BUXTON RESOURCES LTD BUX Exploration Graphite Australasia 20.4 AUD
BWR EXPLORATION INC BWR Exploration Gold Canada 3.2 CAD
CABRAL GOLD INC CBR Exploration Gold South America 33.9 CAD
CADENCE MINERALS PLC KDNC Exploration Iron Ore South America 9.5 GBP
CADILLAC VENTURES INC CDC.H Exploration Tin Canada 2.5 CAD
CALEDONIA MINING CORP PLC CMCL Development Gold Africa 205.6 USD
CALIBRE MINING CORP CXB Production Gold South America 1,248.4 CAD
CALIDUS RESOURCES LTD CAI Exploration Gold Australasia 91.9 AUD
CALLINEX MINES INC CNX Exploration Polymetallic Canada 22.8 CAD
CAMECO CORP CCO Production Uranium Canada 24,572.5 CAD
CAMINO MINERALS CORP COR Exploration Copper South America 13.5 CAD
CAMROVA RESOURCES INC CAV.H Exploration Copper Carribean 1.4 CAD
CANADA CARBON INC CCB Exploration Graphite Canada 10.7 CAD
CANADA NICKEL CO INC CNC Development Nickel Canada 258.7 CAD
CANADA ONE MINING CORP CONE Exploration Copper Canada 0.5 CAD
CANADA RARE EARTH CORP LL Exploration Rare Earths South America 5.3 CAD
CANAF INVESTMENTS INC CAF Production Coal Africa 12.1 CAD
CANAGOLD RESOURCES LTD CCM Exploration Gold Canada 31.6 CAD
CANALASKA URANIUM LTD CVV Exploration Uranium Canada 80.0 CAD
CANASIL RESOURCES CLZ Exploration Silver Carribean 4.3 CAD
CANDELARIA MINING CORP CAND Exploration Gold Carribean 1.5 CAD
CANEX METALS INC CANX Exploration Gold United States 6.3 CAD
CANICKEL MINING LTD CML Production Nickel Canada 1.5 CAD
CANNINDAH RESOURCES LTD CAE Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 39.3 AUD
CANSTAR RESOURCES INC ROX Exploration Gold Canada 4.6 CAD
CANTERRA MINERALS CORP CTM Exploration Gold Canada 10.4 CAD
CANTEX MINE DEVELOPMENT CORP CD Development Silver United States 25.1 CAD
CANUC RESOURCES CORP CDA Exploration Polymetallic Carribean 18.4 CAD
CANYON RESOURCES LTD CAY Exploration Bauxite/Alumina Africa 104.4 AUD
CAPRAL LTD CAA Production Aluminium Australasia 163.1 AUD
CAPRICORN METALS LTD CMM Production Gold Australasia 1,924.9 AUD
CAPSTONE COPPER CORP CS Development Copper South America 5,647.2 CAD
CARAVEL MINERALS LTD CVV Exploration Molybdenum Australasia 76.0 AUD
CARAWINE RESOURCES LTD CWX Exploration Gold Australasia 24.8 AUD
CARBINE RESOURCES LTD CRB Exploration Mineral sands Australasia 2.8 AUD
CARIBOO ROSE RESOURCES LTD CRB Exploration Copper Canada 2.1 CAD
CARNABY RESOURCES LTD CNB Exploration Copper Australasia 77.4 AUD
CARNAVALE RESOURCES LTD CAV Exploration Gold Australasia 15.4 AUD
CARTIER RESOURCES INC ECR Exploration Gold Canada 29.9 CAD
CASA MINERALS INC CASA Exploration Gold Canada 3.3 CAD
CASCADERO COPPER CORP CCD Exploration Copper Canada 1.5 CAD
CASSIUS MINING LTD CMD Exploration Lithium Africa 6.5 AUD
CASTILE RESOURCES LTD CST Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 19.4 AUD
CASTILLO COPPER LTD CCZ Exploration Copper Australasia 5.8 AUD
CASTLE MINERALS LIMITED CDT Exploration Lithium Australasia 8.6 AUD
CATALYST METALS LTD CYL Development Gold Australasia 151.9 AUD
CAZALY RESOURCES LTD CAZ Exploration Copper Australasia 10.5 AUD
CELSIUS RESOURCES LTD CLA Exploration Copper Australasia 29.2 AUD
CENTAMIN PLC CEY Production Gold Africa 1,233.4 GBP
CENTAURUS METALS LTD CTM Development Gold South America 138.6 AUD
CENTERRA GOLD INC CG Development Gold Middle East 1,643.2 CAD
CENTRAL ASIA METALS PLC CAML Development Copper Asia 294.8 GBP
CENTRAL IRON ORE LTD CIO Exploration Gold Australasia 1.2 CAD
CENTRUS ENERGY CORP-CLASS A LEU Development Uranium United States 627.5 USD
CERRADO GOLD INC CERT Production Gold South America 19.4 CAD
CERRO DE PASCO RESOURCES INC CDPR Development Zinc South America 34.5 CAD
CEYLON GRAPHITE CORP CYL Exploration Graphite Asia 5.2 CAD
CHAKANA COPPER CORP PERU Exploration Copper South America 20.0 CAD
CHALICE MINING LTD CHN Development Nickel Australasia 507.6 AUD
CHAMPION IRON LTD CIA Production Iron Ore Canada 3,687.6 AUD
CHESAPEAKE GOLD CORP. CKG Development Gold Canada 146.3 CAD
CHESSER RESOURCES LTD CHZ Exploration Gold Africa 65.8 AUD
CHINA GOLD INTERNATIONAL RES CGG Development Copper Asia 16,431.4 CAD
CHINA NORTHERN RARE EARTH -A 600111 Development Rare Earths Asia 71,144.5 CNH
CHINA RARE EARTH RESOURCES-A 831 Development Rare Earths Asia 31,061.9 CNH
CIA DE MINAS BUENAVENTUR-ADR BVN Production Gold South America 4,188.9 USD
CLASS 1 NICKEL AND TECHNOLOG NICO Development Nickel Canada 7.0 CAD
CLEGHORN MINERALS LTD CZZ Exploration Polymetallic Canada 1.7 CAD
COBALT BLUE HOLDINGS LTD COB Exploration Cobalt Australasia 56.7 AUD
COEUR MINING INC CDE Production Gold United States 1,244.9 USD
COKAL LTD CKA Development Coal Australasia 86.3 AUD
COLLECTIVE MINING LTD CNL Development Copper South America 270.4 CAD
COMET LITHIUM CORP CLIC Exploration Lithium Canada 8.4 CAD
CONDOR GOLD PLC COG Development Gold South America 49.0 CAD
CONTANGO ORE INC CTGO Development Gold United States 193.9 USD
COPPER FOX METALS INC CUU Development Copper United States 89.4 CAD
COPPERMOLY LTD COY Exploration Copper Asia 8.5 AUD
CORA GOLD LTD CORA Exploration Gold Africa 8.8 GBP
CORDOBA MINERALS CORP CDB Exploration Gold South America 35.0 CAD
CORE LITHIUM LTD CXO Development Lithium Australasia 470.1 AUD
CORNISH METALS INC CUSN Development Tin United Kingdom 96.3 GBP
CORONADO GLOBAL RESOURCE-CDI CRN Production Coal United States 2,062.0 AUD
CRITICAL ELEMENTS LITHIUM CO CRE Development Lithium Canada 135.1 CAD
CRUZ BATTERY METALS CORP CRUZ Exploration Cobalt Canada 4.8 CAD
CST GROUP LTD 985 Investment company Copper Australasia 478.9 HKD
CULLEN RESOURCES LIMITED CUL Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 4.6 AUD
CYCLONE METALS LTD CLE Exploration Gold Australasia 10.5 AUD
DACIAN GOLD LTD DCN Development Gold Australasia 346.8 AUD
DAKOTA GOLD CORP DC Development Gold United States 186.5 USD
DANAKALI LTD DNK Development Potash Africa 32.4 AUD
DE GREY MINING LTD DEG Development Gold Australasia 2,415.9 AUD
DECADE RESOURCES LTD DEC Exploration Gold Canada 7.6 CAD
DEEP YELLOW LTD DYL Development Uranium Australasia 932.9 AUD
DEFIANCE SILVER CORP DEF Exploration Silver South America 22.9 CAD
DENISON MINES CORP DML Production Uranium Canada 1,632.3 CAD
DESERT GOLD VENTURES INC DAU Exploration Gold Africa 13.7 CAD
DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP DME Exploration Helium United States 23.0 CAD
DETERRA ROYALTIES LTD DRR Development Royalties & Streaming Australasia 2,537.5 AUD
DEUTSCHE ROHSTOFF AG DR0 Investment company Gold Australasia 170.1 EUR
DIOS EXPLORATION INC DOS Exploration Gold Canada 4.9 CAD
DISCOVERY SILVER CORP DSV Development Silver South America 277.2 CAD
DISTRICT COPPER CORP DCOP Exploration Copper Canada 0.8 CAD
DOLLY VARDEN SILVER LTD DV Development Silver Canada 202.9 CAD
DRDGOLD LTD-SPONSORED ADR DRD Production Gold Africa 694.6 USD
DUKETON MINING LTD DKM Exploration Nickel Australasia 17.7 AUD
DUNDEE PRECIOUS METALS INC DPM Production Gold Europe 1,787.1 CAD
DYNACOR GROUP INC DNG Development Gold South America 152.4 CAD
EAGLE MOUNTAIN MINING LTD EM2 Development Copper United States 26.3 AUD
EAST STAR RESOURCES PLC EST Exploration Copper Asia 3.3 GBP
ECORA RESOURCES PLC ECOR Investment company Royalties & Streaming Europe 188.8 GBP
ELDORADO GOLD CORP ELD Production Gold Europe 2,519.3 CAD
ELEMENT 25 LTD E25 Development Manganese Australasia 44.6 AUD
ELEMENTAL ALTUS ROYALTIES CO ELE Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 215.7 CAD
ELORO RESOURCES LTD ELO Development Gold South America 114.6 CAD
EMERALD RESOURCES NL EMR Development Gold Asia 1,902.5 AUD
EMPIRE METALS LTD EEE Development Titanium Australasia 46.7 GBP
EMPIRE RESOURCES LTD ERL Exploration Copper Australasia 4.5 AUD
EMPRESS ROYALTY CORP EMPR Investment company Royalties & Streaming Canada 40.8 CAD
EMU NL EMU Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 2.0 AUD
EMX ROYALTY CORP EMX Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 194.3 USD
ENCANTO POTASH CORP EPO.H Exploration Potash Canada 0.5 CAD
ENDEAVOUR MINING PLC EDV Production Gold Africa 6,255.7 GBP
ENDEAVOUR SILVER CORP EDR Production Silver South America 488.3 CAD
ENERGY FUELS INC EFR Production Uranium United States 990.2 CAD
ENERGY RESOURCES OF AUST ERA Production Uranium Australasia 1,107.4 AUD
ENERGY TRANSITION MINERALS L ETM Exploration Rare Earths Scandinavia 49.0 AUD
ENGINEER GOLD MINES LTD EAU Exploration Gold Canada 0.0 CAD
ENGOLD MINES LTD EGM Exploration Gold Canada 2.2 CAD
ENTERPRISE METALS LTD ENT Exploration Gold Australasia 2.4 AUD
ENTREE RESOURCES LTD ETG Development Copper Asia 256.2 CAD
EON LITHIUM CORP EON Exploration Lithium South America 0.8 CAD
EQUINOX GOLD CORP EQX Production Gold South America 1,552.3 USD
EQUUS MINING LTD EQE Exploration Gold South America 12.7 AUD
ERAMET ERA Production Nickel Canada 1,926.6 EUR
ERO COPPER CORP ERO Development Copper South America 2,364.2 CAD
ESKAY MINING CORP ESK Exploration Copper Canada 72.4 CAD
EURASIA MINING PLC EUA Development Platinum Russia 43.7 GBP
EURO MANGANESE INC EMN Development Manganese Europe 32.2 CAD
EUROMAX RESOURCES LTD EOX Development Copper Europe 9.8 CAD
EUROPEAN LITHIUM LTD EUR Exploration Lithium Europe 93.4 AUD
EUROPEAN METALS HOLDINGS-DI EMH Exploration Lithium Europe 29.2 GBP
EV RESOURCES LTD EVR Exploration Molybdenum South America 14.5 AUD
EVION GROUP NL EVG Exploration Graphite Africa 8.0 AUD
EVOLUTION MINING LTD EVN Production Gold Australasia 6,493.8 AUD
EVRAZ PLC EVR Production Vanadium Europe 1,174.3 GBP
EXCELLON RESOURCES INC EXN Exploration Silver United States 6.1 CAD
EXCELSIOR MINING CORP MIN Development Copper United States 42.6 CAD
F3 URANIUM CORP FUU Exploration Uranium Canada 203.2 CAD
FENIX RESOURCES LTD FEX Production Iron Ore Australasia 166.7 AUD
FERRO-ALLOY RESOURCES LTD FAR Development Molybdenum Asia 24.4 GBP
FERROGLOBE PLC GSM Production Manganese United States 821.0 USD
FILO CORP FIL Development Gold South America 3,001.7 CAD
FIREFINCH LTD FFX Development Gold Africa 232.9 AUD
FIREWEED METALS CORP FWZ Exploration Zinc Canada 146.0 CAD
FIRST GRAPHENE LTD FGR Development Graphite Asia 37.6 AUD
FIRST HELIUM INC HELI Exploration Helium Canada 3.5 CAD
FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP FR Production Silver United States 2,088.5 CAD
FIRST MINING GOLD CORP FF exploration Gold Canada 110.1 CAD
FIRST QUANTUM MINERALS LTD FM Production Copper Africa 11,015.9 CAD
FIRST TIN PLC 1SN Exploration Tin Europe 14.6 GBP
FISSION URANIUM CORP FCU Development Uranium Canada 805.2 CAD
FORAN MINING CORPORATION FOM Development Copper Canada 1,228.7 CAD
FORSYS METALS CORP FSY Development Uranium Africa 187.4 CAD
FORTUNA SILVER MINES INC FVI Production Silver Africa 1,395.6 CAD
FPX NICKEL CORP FPX Exploration Nickel Canada 97.2 CAD
FREEGOLD VENTURES LTD FVL Exploration Gold United States 125.1 CAD
FRESNILLO PLC FRES Production Silver South America 3,427.0 GBP
FRONTIER LITHIUM INC FL Exploration Lithium Canada 175.6 CAD
FRONTLINE GOLD CORP FGC Exploration Gold Middle East 2.6 CAD
FURY GOLD MINES LTD FURY Exploration Gold Canada 83.1 CAD
FUSE GROUP HOLDING INC FUST Exploration Copper South America 25.2 USD
G MINING VENTURES CORP GMIN Development Gold South America 917.9 CAD
G2 GOLDFIELDS INC GTWO Exploration Gold South America 167.2 CAD
GABRIEL RESOURCES LTD GBU Development Gold Europe 25.9 CAD
GALENA MINING LTD G1A Production silver Australasia 44.4 AUD
GALIANO GOLD INC GAU Production Gold Africa 360.0 CAD
GALILEO MINING LTD GAL Exploration Cobalt Australasia 50.4 AUD
GALWAY METALS INC GWM Exploration Gold Canada 27.7 CAD
GATOS SILVER INC GATO Production Silver South America 535.0 USD
GENERATION MINING LIMITED GENM Development Platinum Canada 61.4 CAD
GENESIS MINERALS LTD GMD Development Gold Australasia 2,126.1 AUD
GEOMEGA RESOURCES INC GMA Exploration Rare Earths Canada 21.5 CAD
GIYANI METALS CORP EMM Development Manganese Africa 24.2 CAD
GLOBAL ATOMIC CORP GLO Development Uranium Africa 637.2 CAD
GLOBAL HELIUM CORP HECO Exploration Helium Canada 5.3 CAD
GOGOLD RESOURCES INC GGD Exploration Gold South America 397.3 CAD
GOLD FIELDS LTD-SPONS ADR GFI Production Gold Africa 13,466.0 USD
GOLD MOUNTAIN LTD GMN Exploration Gold Asia 9.1 AUD
GOLD RESERVE INC GRZ Development Gold South America 416.3 CAD
GOLD RESOURCE CORP GORO Development Gold United States 31.8 USD
GOLD ROAD RESOURCES LTD GOR Production Gold Australasia 1,693.5 AUD
GOLD ROYALTY CORP GROY Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 306.0 USD
GOLDEN MINERALS CO AUMN Development Gold South America 5.2 USD
GOLDGROUP MINING INC GGA Exploration Gold South America 2.1 CAD
GOLDMINING INC GOLD Exploration Gold South America 224.3 CAD
GOLDQUEST MINING CORP GQC Exploration Gold Carribean 31.1 CAD
GOLIATH RESOURCES LTD GOT Exploration Copper Canada 84.1 CAD
GOVIEX URANIUM INC GXU Exploration Uranium Africa 134.1 CAD
GR SILVER MINING LTD GRSL Exploration Silver South America 43.3 CAD
GRAND GULF ENERGY LTD GGE Exploration Helium United States 14.7 AUD
GRANGE RESOURCES LTD GRR Production Iron Ore Australasia 515.0 AUD
GRAPHITE ONE INC GPH Development Graphite United States 123.1 CAD
GRATOMIC INC GRAT Exploration Graphite Africa 29.1 CAD
GREAT PACIFIC GOLD CORP GPC Exploration Gold Australasia 94.6 CAD
GREATLAND GOLD PLC GGP Exploration Gold Australasia 333.4 GBP
GREEN SHIFT COMMODITIES LTD GCOM Development Uranium South America 3.4 CAD
GREENLAND RESOURCES INC MOLY Development Molybdenum Europe 62.3 CAD
GREENWING RESOURCES LTD GW1 Production Graphite Africa 12.7 AUD
GRIFFIN MINING LIMITED GFM Development Zinc Asia 191.8 GBP
GUNGNIR RESOURCES INC GUG Exploration Nickel Scandinavia 3.6 CAD
GUNPOINT EXPLORATION LTD GUN Exploration Gold United Kingdom 29.5 CAD
GWR GROUP LTD GWR Exploration Iron Ore Australasia 31.5 AUD
HAMMER METALS LTD HMX Exploration Gold Australasia 31.9 AUD
HARMONY GOLD MNG-SPON ADR HMY Production Gold Africa 4,741.3 USD
HASTINGS TECHNOLOGY METALS L HAS Exploration Rare Earths Australasia 79.6 AUD
HECLA MINING CO HL Production Gold United States 2,656.8 USD
HELIUM EVOLUTION INC HEVI Exploration Helium Canada 18.7 CAD
HELIUM ONE GLOBAL LTD-DI HE1 Exploration Helium Africa 55.5 GBP
HELIUS MINERALS LTD HHH Exploration Copper United States 3.2 CAD
HEMLO EXPLORERS INC HMLO Exploration Gold Canada 1.8 CAD
HERCULES SILVER CORP BIG Development Silver United States 190.8 CAD
HIGHFIELD RESOURCES LTD HFR Development Potash Europe 168.6 AUD
HIGHGOLD MINING INC HIGH Exploration Gold Canada 24.6 CAD
HIGHLAND COPPER CO INC HI Exploration Copper United States 58.9 CAD
HOCHSCHILD MINING PLC HOC Production Silver United States 568.9 GBP
HORIZONTE MINERALS PLC HZM Development Nickel South America 9.8 CAD
HUDBAY MINERALS INC HBM Production Polymetallic Canada 3,024.6 CAD
HUNTSMAN EXPLORATION INC HMAN Exploration Cobalt Australasia 0.7 CAD
HYCROFT MINING HOLDING CORP HYMC Development Gold United States 44.5 USD
I-80 GOLD CORP IAU Production Gold United States 620.4 CAD
IAMGOLD CORP IMG Production Gold Africa 1,539.2 CAD
IGO LTD IGO Production Lithium Australasia 5,853.7 AUD
ILUKA RESOURCES LIMITED ILU Production Mineral sands Australasia 2,943.8 AUD
IMAGE RESOURCES NL IMA Development Mineral sands Australasia 66.4 AUD
IMPACT SILVER CORP IPT Production Silver South America 38.5 CAD
IMPERIAL METALS CORP III Development Copper Canada 351.4 CAD
INDUSTRIAS PENOLES SAB DE CV PEOLES Production Polymetallic South America 86,280.2 MXN
INFINITY LITHIUM CORP LTD INF Exploration Lithium Europe 35.6 AUD
INTEGRA RESOURCES CORP ITR Development Gold United States 71.7 CAD
INTERNATIONAL GRAPHITE LTD IG6 Exploration Graphite Australasia 9.8 AUD
INTL TOWER HILL MINES LTD ITH Development Gold United States 152.9 CAD
INVESTIGATOR RESOURCES LTD IVR Exploration Gold Australasia 64.9 AUD
IONEER LTD INR Development Lithium United States 327.4 AUD
IRVING RESOURCES INC IRV Exploration Gold Asia 31.8 CAD
ISOENERGY LTD ISO Development Uranium Canada 667.2 CAD
IVANHOE MINES LTD-CL A IVN Production Gold Africa 18,540.2 CAD
JAGUAR MINING INC JAG Development Gold South America 130.2 CAD
JAPAN GOLD CORP JG Exploration Gold Asia 25.7 CAD
JAXON MINING INC JAX Exploration Copper Canada 2.5 CAD
JERVOIS GLOBAL LTD JRV Development Cobalt South America 86.5 AUD
JL MAG RARE-EARTH CO LTD -H 6680 Production Rare Earths Asia 22,405.1 HKD
JUBILEE METALS GROUP PLC JLP Development Platinum Africa 177.5 GBP
JUPITER MINES LTD JMS Production Manganese Africa 352.7 AUD
K2 GOLD CORP KTO Exploration Gold United States 8.7 CAD
K92 MINING KNT Production Gold Asia 1,582.4 CAD
KAISER ALUMINUM CORP KALU Production Alumina United States 1,220.2 USD
KARNALYTE RESOURCES INC KRN Development Potash Canada 10.1 CAD
KARORA RESOURCES INC KRR Production Gold Australasia 814.1 CAD
KATORO GOLD PLC KAT Exploration Gold Africa 1.6 GBP
KEFI GOLD AND COPPER PLC KEFI Development Gold Middle East 32.8 GBP
KENMARE RESOURCES PLC KMR Development Titanium Africa 265.0 GBP
KERAS RESOURCES PLC KRS Exploration Manganese Africa 2.5 GBP
KGHM POLSKA MIEDZ SA KGH Production Copper Europe 22,560.0 PLN
KGL RESOURCES LTD KGL Exploration Copper Australasia 73.7 AUD
KIBO ENERGY PLC KIBO Development Copper Africa 1.6 GBP
KIN MINING NL KIN Exploration Gold Australasia 78.9 AUD
KINGMAN MINERALS LTD KGS Exploration Gold United States 0.9 CAD
KINROSS GOLD CORP K Production Gold United States 9,090.0 CAD
KODIAK COPPER CORP KDK Exploration Copper Canada 31.0 CAD
KORE MINING LTD KORE Exploration Gold United States 10.1 CAD
KUTCHO COPPER CORP KC Exploration Copper Canada 15.5 CAD
KUYA SILVER CORP KUYA Exploration Silver South America 24.3 CAD
LABRADOR GOLD CORP LAB Exploration Gold Canada 25.5 CAD
LAKE RESOURCES NL LKE Production Lithium South America 138.1 AUD
LARAMIDE RESOURCES LAM Development Uranium Australasia 201.7 CAD
LARGO INC LGO Production Vanadium South America 158.9 CAD
LATIN METALS INC LMS Exploration Copper South America 5.7 CAD
LATROBE MAGNESIUM LTD LMG Development Special situation Australasia 96.8 AUD
LEGEND MINING LIMITED LEG Exploration Nickel Australasia 40.7 AUD
LEPIDICO LTD LPD Exploration Lithium Africa 45.8 AUD
LIBERTY GOLD CORP LGD Development Gold United States 96.7 CAD
LIFEZONE METALS LTD LZM Development Nickel Africa 564.2 USD
LION ONE METALS LTD LIO Exploration Gold Asia 108.4 CAD
LION SELECTION GROUP LIMITED LSX Investment company Gold Australasia 58.6 AUD
LIONTOWN RESOURCES LTD LTR Production Lithium Australasia 3,186.6 AUD
LIQUIDMETAL TECHNOLOGIES INC LQMT Development Alloys United States 48.2 USD
LITHIUM AMERICAS ARGENTINA COR LAC Development Lithium South America 2,563.6 USD
LITHIUM AUSTRALIA LTD LIT Development Lithium Australasia 33.0 AUD
LITHIUM CHILE INC LITH Development Lithium South America 142.4 CAD
LITHIUM POWER INTERNATIONAL LPI Development Lithium South America 361.9 AUD
LOS ANDES COPPER LTD LA Development Copper South America 318.0 CAD
LUMINA GOLD CORP LUM Development Gold South America 228.8 CAD
LUMINEX RES CORP LR Exploration Gold South America 30.4 CAD
LUNDIN GOLD INC LUG Production Gold South America 4,051.1 CAD
LUNDIN MINING CORP LUN Production Gold United States 6,664.4 CAD
LYNAS RARE EARTHS LTD LYC Development Rare Earths Australasia 5,468.0 AUD
MACRO METALS LTD M4M Exploration Iron Ore Africa 14.1 AUD
MAG SILVER CORP. MAG Production Silver South America 947.1 CAD
MAGNA GOLD CORP MGR.H Exploration Gold South America 0.9 CAD
MAGNETIC RESOURCES NL MAU Development Gold Australasia 262.9 AUD
MAGNETITE MINES LTD MGT Development Iron Ore Australasia 26.6 AUD
MAGNIS ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES L MNS Development Graphite Africa 50.4 AUD
MAJESTIC GOLD CORP. MJS Development Gold Asia 67.8 CAD
MAKO MINING CORP MKO Exploration Gold South America 169.7 CAD
MANDALAY RESOURCES CORP MND Development Gold South America 148.7 CAD
MANTLE MINERALS LTD MTL Exploration Gold Australasia 12.4 AUD
MAPLE GOLD MINES LTD MGM Exploration Gold Canada 18.7 CAD
MARATHON GOLD CORP MOZ Development Gold Canada 380.0 CAD
MARIMACA COPPER CORP MARI Exploration Copper South America 325.3 CAD
MARVEL GOLD LTD MVL Exploration Gold Africa 7.8 AUD
MAWSON GOLD LTD MAW Exploration Gold Scandinavia 197.6 CAD
MAYFAIR GOLD CORP MFG Exploration Gold Canada 213.9 CAD
MC MINING LTD MCM Development Coal Africa 61.2 AUD
MCEWEN MINING INC MUX Development Gold United States 410.5 USD
MEGA URANIUM LTD MGA Exploration Uranium Australasia 143.1 CAD
METALICITY LTD MCT Exploration Gold Australasia 11.2 AUD
METALLA ROYALTY & STREAMING MTA Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 357.8 CAD
METALLIC MINERALS CORP MMG Exploration Silver Canada 52.7 CAD
METALLICA MINERALS LTD MLM Exploration Mineral sands Australasia 27.8 AUD
METALS ACQUISITION LTD-A MTAL Production Copper Australasia 613.4 USD
METALS X LTD MLX Development Nickel Australasia 322.1 AUD
METEORIC RESOURCES NL MEI Development Copper Australasia 417.9 AUD
MEXICAN GOLD MINING CORP MEX Exploration Gold South America 1.6 CAD
MIDLAND EXPLORATION INC. MD Exploration Gold Canada 33.9 CAD
MILLENNIAL POTASH CORP MLP Exploration Potash Africa 13.4 CAD
MINAURUM GOLD INC MGG Exploration Gold South America 95.4 CAD
MINCOR RESOURCES NL MCR Production Nickel Australasia 751.2 AUD
MINERA ALAMOS INC MAI Production Gold South America 132.3 CAD
MINERAL COMMODITIES LTD MRC Exploration Mineral sands Africa 24.6 AUD
MINERAL RESOURCES LTD MIN Production Iron Ore Australasia 12,942.8 AUD
MINEROS SA MSA Production Gold South America 764,330.0 COP
MINSUD RESOURCES CORP MSR Exploration Polymetallic South America 157.7 CAD
MOLTEN METALS CORP MOLT Exploration Special situation Canada 0.4 CAD
MONTAGE GOLD CORP MAU Exploration Gold Africa 217.0 CAD
MONTAGE GOLD CORP MAU Development Gold Africa 217.0 CAD
MUSGRAVE MINERALS LTD MGV Development Gold Australasia 230.6 AUD
NAVARRE MINERALS LTD NML Development Gold Australasia 28.6 AUD
NEOMETALS LTD NMT Development Lithium Australasia 121.4 AUD
NEVADA COPPER CORP NCU Exploration Copper United States 100.1 CAD
NEW CENTURY RESOURCES LTD NCZ Development Zinc Australasia 148.5 AUD
NEW FOUND GOLD CORP NFG Exploration Gold Canada 898.0 CAD
NEW GOLD INC NGD Production Gold Canada 1,116.3 CAD
NEW PACIFIC METALS CORP NUAG Development Silver South America 227.9 CAD
NEW WORLD RESOURCES LTD NWC Exploration Copper United States 83.9 AUD
NEWCORE GOLD LTD NCAU Exploration Gold Africa 32.8 CAD
NEWFIELD RESOURCES LTD NWF Exploration Gold Africa 127.5 AUD
NEWMONT CORP NEM Production Gold United States 39,313.5 USD
NEWRANGE GOLD CORP NRG Exploration Gold United States 0.9 CAD
NEXA RESOURCES SA NEXA Production Zinc South America 923.1 USD
NEXGEN ENERGY LTD NXE Development Uranium Canada 5,428.6 CAD
NEXTSOURCE MATERIALS INC NEXT Development Graphite Africa 113.7 CAD
NGEX MINERALS LTD NGEX Exploration Copper South America 1,500.2 CAD
NICKEL CREEK PLATINUM CORP NCP Exploration Platinum United States 7.0 CAD
NICKEL INDUSTRIES LTD NIC Production Nickel Australasia 3,535.8 AUD
NIOBAY METALS INC NBY Exploration Rare Earths Canada 4.8 CAD
NIOCORP DEVELOPMENTS LTD NB Exploration Rare Earths United States 130.0 CAD
NIPPON DENKO CO LTD 5563 Production Alloys Asia 42,400.3 JPY
NIPPON LIGHT METAL HOLDINGS 5703 Production Alumina Asia 109,109.0 JPY
NOBLE HELIUM LTD NHE Exploration Helium Australasia 36.2 AUD
NORTHERN DYNASTY MINERALS NDM Exploration Polymetallic United States 163.8 CAD
NORTHERN MINERALS LTD NTU Exploration Rare Earths Australasia 177.3 AUD
NORTHERN STAR RESOURCES LTD NST Production Gold Australasia 16,181.0 AUD
NORTHWEST COPPER CORP NWST Exploration Copper Canada 32.2 CAD
NOUVEAU MONDE GRAPHITE INC NOU Development Graphite Canada 291.2 CAD
NOVA MINERALS LTD NVA Exploration Gold United States 58.0 AUD
NOVAGOLD RESOURCES INC NG Development Gold United States 829.2 CAD
NOVO RESOURCES CORP NVO Exploration Gold Australasia 59.2 CAD
NULEGACY GOLD CORP NUG Exploration Gold United States 6.4 CAD
NUTRIEN LTD NTR Production Potash Canada 35,362.2 CAD
NV GOLD CORP NVX Exploration Gold United States 1.5 CAD
NYRSTAR NV NYR Production Zinc Europe 7.7 EUR
O3 MINING INC OIII Exploration Gold Canada 122.8 CAD
OCEANAGOLD CORP OGC Production Gold Australasia 1,917.8 CAD
OCEANIC IRON ORE CORP FEO Exploration Iron Ore Canada 7.0 CAD
ODYSSEY GOLD LTD ODY Exploration Gold Australasia 18.9 AUD
OM HOLDINGS LTD OMH Production Manganese Australasia 310.3 AUD
ORA BANDA MINING LTD OBM Exploration Gold Australasia 488.6 AUD
ORECORP LTD ORR Development Gold Australasia 272.3 AUD
OREX MINERALS INC REX Exploration Silver Canada 3.1 CAD
OREZONE GOLD CORP ORE Production Gold Africa 327.8 CAD
ORION MINERALS LTD ORN Exploration Copper Africa 81.8 AUD
ORLA MINING LTD ORLA Production Gold South America 1,150.5 USD
OROCO RESOURCE CORP OCO Development Copper South America 89.5 CAD
OROSUR MINING INC OMI Exploration Gold South America 9.3 GBP
OSAKA TITANIUM TECHNOLOGIES 5726 Production Titanium Asia 89,203.2 JPY
OSINO RESOURCES CORP OSI Development Gold Africa 301.6 CAD
OSISKO DEVELOPMENT CORP ODV Production Gold South America 277.7 CAD
OSISKO GOLD ROYALTIES LTD OR Production Royalties & Streaming Canada 4,017.5 CAD
OSISKO METALS INC OM Development Copper Canada 38.5 CAD
OSISKO MINING INC OSK Exploration Gold Canada 1,000.4 CAD
OZ MINERALS LTD OZL Production Copper Australasia 8,918.4 AUD
P2 GOLD INC PGLD Exploration Gold Canada 11.3 CAD
PACTON GOLD INC PAC Exploration Gold Canada 7.1 CAD
PALADIN ENERGY LTD PDN Development Uranium Africa 3,701.0 AUD
PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC PAF Production Gold Africa 417.5 GBP
PAN AMERICAN SILVER CORP PAAS Production Silver Canada 6,873.2 CAD
PAN GLOBAL RESOURCES INC PGZ Development Polymetallic Europe 36.5 CAD
PANORAMIC RESOURCES LTD PAN Exploration Nickel Australasia 103.9 AUD
PANORO MINERALS LTD. PML Exploration Copper South America 29.1 CAD
PANTORO LTD PNR Production Gold Australasia 270.6 AUD
PATAGONIA GOLD CORP PGDC Exploration Gold South America 9.3 CAD
PATAGONIA LITHIUM LTD PL3 Exploration Lithium South America 6.9 AUD
PATRIOT BATTERY METALS INC PMET Exploration Lithium Canada 1,606.7 CAD
PEAK RARE EARTHS LTD PEK Development Rare Earths Africa 57.2 AUD
PEEL MINING LTD PEX Exploration Copper Australasia 62.5 AUD
PENINSULA ENERGY LTD PEN Development Uranium United States 221.6 AUD
PENSANA PLC PRE Exploration Rare Earths Africa 85.1 GBP
PERPETUA RESOURCES CORP PPTA Exploration Polymetallic United States 340.0 CAD
PERSEUS MINING LTD PRU Production Gold Africa 2,788.3 AUD
PHENOM RESOURCES CORP PHNM Exploration Vanadium United States 34.6 CAD
PILBARA MINERALS LTD PLS Production Lithium Australasia 12,549.5 AUD
PLATINA RESOURCES LTD PGM Exploration Gold Australasia 15.6 AUD
PLATINUM GROUP METALS LTD PTM Development Platinum Africa 117.8 CAD
POLYMET MINING CORP POM Development Polymetallic United States 559.0 CAD
PORTOFINO RESOURCES INC POR Exploration Lithium South America 9.5 CAD
POSEIDON NICKEL LTD POS Exploration Nickel Australasia 29.7 AUD
POWER METAL RESOURCES PLC POW Exploration Lithium Canada 17.7 GBP
POWER METALS CORP PWM Exploration Lithium Africa 37.6 CAD
POWER NICKEL INC PNPN Exploration Nickel Canada 30.1 CAD
PPX MINING CORP PPX Exploration Gold South America 31.8 CAD
PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY LTD PDI Exploration Gold Africa 477.5 AUD
PREMIER AFRICAN MINERALS LTD PREM Exploration Polymetallic Africa 82.2 GBP
PRIME MINING CORP PRYM Development Gold South America 339.7 CAD
PROBE GOLD INC PRB Development Gold Canada 236.8 CAD
PULSAR HELIUM INC PLSR Exploration Helium Canada 92.0 CAD
PUMA EXPLORATION INC PUMA Exploration Gold Canada 17.0 CAD
PURE ENERGY MINERALS LTD PE Exploration Lithium United States 13.6 CAD
QCX GOLD CORP QCX Exploration Gold Canada 1.1 CAD
QUEENSLAND PACIFIC METALS LT QPM Exploration Cobalt Australasia 88.6 AUD
RAINBOW RARE EARTHS LTD RBW Exploration Rare Earths Africa 68.7 GBP
RAINY MOUNTAIN ROYALTY CORP RMO Exploration Royalties & Streaming Canada 1.6 CAD
RAMACO RESOURCES INC-A METC Development Coal United States 874.6 USD
RAMELIUS RESOURCES LTD RMS Production Gold Australasia 1,792.1 AUD
RAND MINING LTD RND Exploration Gold Australasia 76.8 AUD
RECHARGE RESOURCES LTD RR Exploration Lithium South America 7.6 CAD
RED 5 LTD RED Development Gold Australasia 1,212.3 AUD
RED RIVER RESOURCES LTD RVR Exploration Gold Australasia 37.8 AUD
REGIS RESOURCES LTD RRL Production Gold Australasia 1,491.8 AUD
REGULUS RESOURCES INC REG Exploration Copper South America 134.5 CAD
RENASCOR RESOURCES LTD RNU Development Graphite Australasia 215.8 AUD
RENERGEN LTD REN Exploration Helium Africa 1,630.2 ZAR
RESOLUTE MINING LIMITED RSG Development Gold Africa 809.0 AUD
REUNION GOLD CORP RGD Development Gold South America 560.0 CAD
REVIVAL GOLD INC RVG Exploration Gold United States 37.4 CAD
REX MINERALS LTD RXM Exploration Copper Australasia 130.5 AUD
REYNA SILVER CORP RSLV Exploration Silver South America 18.0 CAD
RHC HELIUM LTD RHC Exploration Helium Canada 46.9 CAD
RHYOLITE RESOURCES LIMITED RYE Exploration Polymetallic South America 7.5 CAD
RIO2 LTD/NEW RIO Exploration Gold South America 94.8 CAD
RIVERSIDE RESOURCES INC RRI Investment company Royalties & Streaming Canada 9.0 CAD
ROBEX RESOURCES INC RBX Production Gold Africa 236.4 CAD
ROCK TECH LITHIUM INC RCK Development Lithium Canada 127.6 CAD
ROSCAN GOLD CORP ROS Exploration Gold Africa 37.9 CAD
ROX RESOURCES LTD RXL Exploration Gold Australasia 60.9 AUD
ROYAL BAFOKENG PLATINUM LTD 7BF Production Platinum Africa 37,017.6 EUR
ROYAL GOLD INC RGLD Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 7,360.2 USD
ROYAL ROAD MINERALS LTD RYR Development Gold United States 23.9 CAD
ROYALTIES INC RI Investment company Royalties & Streaming Canada 7.6 CAD
RT MINERALS CORP RTM Exploration Gold Canada 0.5 CAD
RTG MINING INC RTG Exploration Gold Australasia 22.6 CAD
RUMBLE RESOURCES LTD RTR Exploration Zinc Australasia 48.3 AUD
RUPERT RESOURCES LTD RUP Development Gold Scandinavia 707.8 CAD
RUSORO MINING LTD RML Exploration Gold Canada 659.0 CAD
S2 RESOURCES LTD S2R Exploration Gold Europe 67.9 AUD
SABINA GOLD & SILVER CORP SBB Production Gold Canada 1,207.9 CAD
SABRE RESOURCES LTD SBR Development Nickel Australasia 6.7 AUD
SAILFISH ROYALTY CORP FISH Investment company Royalties & Streaming South America 79.8 CAD
SALT LAKE POTASH LTD SO4 Development Potash Australasia 256.5 AUD
SANDFIRE RESOURCES LTD SFR Production Copper Australasia 3,564.5 AUD
SANDSTORM GOLD LTD SSL Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 1,897.3 CAD
SANTACRUZ SILVER MINING LTD SCZ Production Silver South America 77.3 CAD
SAYONA MINING LTD SYA Development Lithium Australasia 432.3 AUD
SCANDIUM INTERNATIONAL MININ SCY Exploration Rare Earths Australasia 8.9 CAD
SCORPIO GOLD CORP SGN Development Gold United States 7.6 CAD
SCORPION MINERALS LTD SCN Exploration Gold Australasia 11.9 AUD
SCOTGOLD RESOURCES LTD SGZ Development Gold United Kingdom 10.5 GBP
SEABRIDGE GOLD INC SEA Development Gold Canada 1,162.0 CAD
SEGO RESOURCES INC. SGZ Exploration Copper Canada 2.2 CAD
SELECT SANDS CORP SNS Production Mineral sands Canada 1.3 CAD
SERABI GOLD PLC SBI Development Gold South America 45.5 CAD
SHANTA GOLD LTD SHG Development Gold Africa 144.3 GBP
SHEFFIELD RESOURCES LTD SFX Development Mineral sands Australasia 228.0 AUD
SHERRITT INTERNATIONAL CORP S Production Nickel South America 115.3 CAD
SHUKA MINERALS PLC SKA Development Coal Africa 6.5 GBP
SIBANYE-STILLWATER LTD-ADR SBSW Production Platinum United States 3,213.9 USD
SIERRA METALS INC SMT Exploration Polymetallic South America 169.9 CAD
SIGMA LITHIUM CORP SGML Development Lithium South America 1,598.0 USD
SIGNAL GOLD INC SGNL Exploration Gold Canada 25.1 CAD
SIHAYO GOLD LTD SIH Development Gold Australasia 12.2 AUD
SILVER BEAR RESOURCES PLC SBR Production Silver Russia 33.8 CAD
SILVER BULL RES INC SVB Exploration Silver Canada 8.3 CAD
SILVER LAKE RESOURCES LTD SLR Production Gold Australasia 1,103.0 AUD
SILVER MINES LTD SVL Exploration Silver Australasia 226.9 AUD
SILVER MOUNTAIN RESOURCES IN AGMR Exploration Silver South America 25.2 CAD
SILVER NORTH RESOURCES LTD SNAG Exploration Polymetallic Canada 3.7 CAD
SILVER ONE RESOURCES INC SVE Exploration Silver United States 49.6 CAD
SILVER PREDATOR CORP SPD Exploration Silver United States 2.5 CAD
SILVER RANGE RESOURCES LTD SNG Exploration Silver Canada 7.1 CAD
SILVER SPRUCE RESOURCES INC SSE Exploration Silver South America 4.3 CAD
SILVER STORM MINING LTD SVRS Exploration Gold South America 47.7 CAD
SILVER TIGER METALS INC SLVR Exploration Silver South America 56.6 CAD
SILVER VIPER MINERALS CORP VIPR Exploration Silver South America 13.6 CAD
SILVER X MINING CORP AGX Production Silver South America 34.2 CAD
SILVERCORP METALS INC SVM Production Silver Asia 492.1 CAD
SILVERCREST METALS INC SIL Exploration Silver South America 1,214.2 CAD
SIPA RESOURCES LTD SRI Exploration Gold Australasia 4.1 AUD
SIRIOS RESOURCES INC SOI Exploration Gold Canada 18.0 CAD
SKEENA RESOURCES LTD SKE Development Gold Canada 534.8 CAD
SKYHARBOUR RESOURCES LTD SYH Exploration Uranium Canada 77.9 CAD
SLAM EXPLORATION LTD SXL Exploration Gold Canada 1.0 CAD
SNOW LAKE RESOURCES LTD LITM Exploration Lithium Canada 17.5 USD
SNOWLINE GOLD CORP SGD Development Gold Canada 802.0 CAD
SOKOMAN MINERALS CORP SIC Exploration Gold Canada 18.6 CAD
SOLGOLD PLC SOLG Exploration Copper South America 245.3 GBP
SOLIS MINERALS LTD SLMN Exploration Lithium South America 10.5 CAD
SOPERIOR FERTILIZER CORP SOP.H Exploration Potash United States 7.9 CAD
SOVEREIGN METALS LTD SVM Development Graphite Australasia 273.1 AUD
SPANISH MOUNTAIN GOLD LTD SPA Exploration Gold Canada 67.2 CAD
SPARTON RESOURCES INC SRI Exploration Gold Canada 5.7 CAD
SPHINX RESOURCES LTD SFX.H Exploration Gold Canada 1.7 CAD
SPRUCE RIDGE RES LTD SHL Exploration Copper Canada 15.4 CAD
SSR MINING INC SSRM Production Gold Europe 1,125.1 CAD
ST BARBARA LTD SBM Production Gold Australasia 130.9 AUD
ST GEORGE MINING LTD SGQ Exploration Nickel Australasia 19.8 AUD
STRANDLINE RESOURCES LTD STA Production Titanium Australasia 138.9 AUD
STRATEGIC METALS LTD SMD Exploration Polymetallic Canada 20.5 CAD
STRIKEPOINT GOLD INC SKP Exploration Gold Canada 13.9 CAD
STROUD RESOURCES LTD SDR Exploration Silver Canada 2.3 CAD
SULTAN RESOURCES LTD SLZ Exploration Gold Australasia 4.0 AUD
SURGE BATTERY METALS INC NILI Exploration Lithium United States 73.3 CAD
SURGE COPPER CORP SURG Development Polymetallic Canada 16.7 CAD
TAJIRI RESOURCES CORP TAJ Exploration Gold Africa 2.0 CAD
TALISKER RESOURCES LTD TSK Exploration Gold Canada 25.1 CAD
TALISMAN MINING LTD TLM Exploration Gold Australasia 33.9 AUD
TALON METALS CORP TLO Exploration Nickel United States 126.2 CAD
TANAMI GOLD NL TAM Exploration Gold Australasia 36.4 AUD
TARANIS RESOURCES INC. TRO Exploration Copper Canada 18.9 CAD
TARKU RESOURCES LTD TKU Exploration Silver Canada 3.8 CAD
TARUGA MINERALS LTD TAR Exploration Gold Australasia 4.9 AUD
TASEKO MINES LTD TKO Production Copper Canada 505.4 CAD
TASMAN RESOURCES LTD TAS Production Gold Australasia 2.9 AUD
TAUNG GOLD INTERNATIONAL LTD 621 Exploration Gold Africa 526.4 HKD
TECK RESOURCES LTD-CLS B TECK.B Production Copper Canada 29,468.4 CAD
TEMPEST MINERALS LTD TEM Exploration Silver Australasia 4.2 AUD
TEMPUS RESOURCES LTD TMR Exploration Gold Australasia 3.3 AUD
TENNANT MINERALS LTD TMS Exploration Copper Australasia 21.4 AUD
TERAS RESOURCES INC TRA Exploration Gold Canada 1.3 CAD
TESORO MINERALS CORP TES Development Gold Canada 2.0 CAD
THOR EXPLORATION LTD THX Exploration Gold Africa 80.3 GBP
TIETTO MINERALS LTD TIE Development Gold Africa 694.9 AUD
TIRUPATI GRAPHITE PLC TGR Production Graphite Africa 6.2 GBP
TITAN MINING CORP TI Development Zinc United States 35.5 CAD
TOMAGOLD CORP LOT Exploration Rare Earths Canada 2.4 CAD
TOREX GOLD RESOURCES INC TXG Production Gold South America 1,496.5 CAD
TOTAL HELIUM LTD TOH Exploration Helium United States 8.2 CAD
TOWER RESOURCES LTD TWR Exploration Gold Canada 12.3 CAD
TREASURY METALS INC TML Exploration Gold Canada 28.3 CAD
TRIGON METALS INC TM Exploration Copper Africa 33.7 CAD
TRILOGY METALS INC TMQ Exploration Copper United States 95.8 CAD
TRIPLE FLAG PRECIOUS MET TFPM Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 3,637.7 CAD
TRITON MINERALS LTD TON Exploration Graphite Africa 25.0 AUD
TRIUMPH GOLD CORP TIG Development Gold Canada 11.5 CAD
TROILUS GOLD CORP TLG Development Gold Canada 152.8 CAD
TROUBADOUR RESOURCES INC TR Exploration Copper Canada 1.2 CAD
TROY RESOURCES LTD TRY Exploration Gold South America 67.1 AUD
TRX GOLD CORP TNX Production Gold Africa 145.6 CAD
TUDOR GOLD CORP-A TUD Development Gold Canada 205.9 CAD
UCORE RARE METALS INC UCU Development Rare Earths United States 52.0 CAD
URANIUM ENERGY CORP UEC Development Uranium United States 416.2 USD
URANIUM ROYALTY CORP UROY Investment company Royalties & Streaming United States 2,707.7 USD
UR-ENERGY INC URG Development Uranium United States 305.8 USD
VANADIUM RESOURCES LTD VR8 Exploration Vanadium Africa 21.9 AUD
VENDETTA MINING CORP VTT Exploration Zinc Australasia 6.5 CAD
VERTICAL EXPLORATION INC VERT Exploration Special situation Canada 8.1 CAD
VICTORIA GOLD CORP VGCX Exploration Gold Canada 420.7 CAD
VISTA GOLD CORP VGZ Development Gold Australasia 59.3 USD
VIVA GOLD CORP VAU Exploration Gold United States 12.4 CAD
VIZSLA COPPER CORP VCU Exploration Copper Canada 8.6 CAD
VIZSLA SILVER CORP VZLA Development Silver South America 346.7 CAD
VRX SILICA LTD VRX Exploration Special situation Australasia 55.4 AUD
VVC EXPLORATION CORP. VVC Exploration Copper South America 20.1 CAD
WALLBRIDGE MINING CO LTD WM Exploration Gold Canada 76.3 CAD
WESDOME GOLD MINES LTD WDO Production Gold Canada 1,456.1 CAD
WEST AFRICAN RESOURCES LTD WAF Development Gold Africa 1,057.4 AUD
WEST RED LAKE GOLD MINES LTD WRLG Exploration Gold Canada 147.8 CAD
WEST VAULT MINING INC WVM Exploration Gold United States 53.9 CAD
WESTERN COPPER AND GOLD CORP WRN Exploration Copper Canada 304.1 CAD
WESTERN RESOURCES CORP WRX Development Potash Canada 57.3 CAD
WESTGOLD RESOURCES LTD WGX Production Gold Australasia 1,203.0 AUD
WESTHAVEN GOLD CORP WHN Exploration Gold Canada 30.2 CAD
WORLD COPPER LTD WCU Exploration Copper South America 8.8 CAD
XALI GOLD CORP XGC Exploration Gold South America 6.3 CAD
XANADU MINES LTD XAM Exploration Copper Asia 72.1 CAD
XCITE RESOURCES INC XRI Exploration Uranium Canada 3.7 CAD
XTRACT RESOURCES PLC XTR Exploration Copper Africa 7.9 GBP
XTRA-GOLD RESOURCES CORP XTG Exploration Gold Africa 51.9 CAD
YAMANA GOLD INC YRI Production Gold Canada 5,601.1 CAD
YORBEAU RESOURCES INC-CL A YRB Exploration Gold United States 17.7 CAD
ZENITH MINERALS LTD ZNC Exploration Polymetallic Australasia 34.5 AUD
ZENTEK LTD ZEN Development Graphene Canada 172.5 CAD
ZEPHYR MINERALS LTD ZFR Exploration Gold Africa 3.8 CAD
ZHAOJIN MINING INDUSTRY - H 1818 Production Gold Asia 30,022.2 HKD
ZIJIN MINING GROUP CO LTD-A 2899 Production Gold Asia 404,839.0 HKD
ZINC OF IRELAND NL ZMI Exploration Zinc Europe 3.2 AUD
ZINC ONE RESOURCES INC Z.H Development Zinc Canada 0.5 CAD
ZINCX RESOURCES CORP ZNX Exploration Zinc Canada 14.1 CAD
ZINWALD LITHIUM PLC ZNWD Exploration Lithium Europe 30.9 GBP
ZONTE METALS INC ZON Exploration Gold Canada 6.9 CAD
CENTREX LIMITED CXM Production Potash Australasia 46.0 AUD